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Filament BioSolutions Inc. is developing and commercializing a portfolio of clinical nutrition products. We apply the principles of scientific rigor and evidence-based clinical development to establish efficacy and confirm safety of our products.

We are experienced biopharmaceutical executives and scientists. Our corporate partners include Ajinomoto, a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of amino acids. We also have academic partners at New York University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and University of California – San Francisco.

Our initial focus is on therapeutic areas that have a clear unmet need for clinical nutrition therapies. This includes supportive care oncology as well as urological and gastrointestinal disorders. Our bespoke development approach is driven by the optimal regulatory pathway for each product.


Thomas P. Cirrito, Ph.D., CEO and Co-founder Filament Biosolutions



Thomas Cirrito Ph.D. is also a co-founder of Immunovent, a development stage biotechnology company developing a next-generation, non-invasive allergy diagnostic, and Biotagenics, a platform company that is developing therapeutics and diagnostics based on a proprietary database of clinical samples from patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Dr. Cirrito previously served as Vice President of Research and Development and Director of Business Development at Stemline Therapeutics (NASDAQ: STML) since March 2012. Dr. Cirrito joined Stemline in 2005 as the second full-time employee, and was responsible for business development, preclinical, intellectual property, manufacturing, analytical, and operations. Prior to joining Stemline, Dr. Cirrito was a biopharmaceuticals equities analyst at Piper Jaffray, where he covered large and small cap biotechnology companies. Previously, he was a life sciences consultant for A.G. Edwards Capital Partners, a venture capital group. Dr. Cirrito received a B.A. in Biological Sciences and a Ph.D. in Immunology from Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri). He currently serves on the Scientific and Business Advisory Board of the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation. He serves as an investor and mentor to early stage biotechnology and health care companies.

Bradley Theien, MS MBA , Vice PRESIDENT of Corporate Development

Bradley Theien

Vice PRESIDENT of Corporate Development

Bradley Theien MS MBA joined Filament from Pfizer, where he was part of the Strategy, Portfolio and Commercial Operations group and led a team that supported clinical and investment decisions for Pfizer’s Worldwide R&D organization. Prior to Pfizer, Mr. Theien was a managing consultant for bioStrategies Group, a life science consulting firm focused on developing commercial strategies for new and existing healthcare products and technologies. Mr. Theien also was a biopharmaceutical equity analyst at Prudential Securities where he covered several small-cap biotechnology companies. He has authored two papers on homing of T cells from the periphery into the CNS and previously researched neural mechanisms of taste-guided behavior. Mr. Theien received a MS in Biotechnology and an MBA from Northwestern University.




Kate Rochlin Ph.D. is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Immunovent, a development stage biotechnology company creating a next-generation, non-invasive allergy diagnostic. Her responsibilities include directing the research & development program, business development and management of the preclinical program. Dr. Rochlin completed her Ph.D. at Cornell University in New York City, where her work focused on muscular dystrophy and the role of RNA regulation in muscle-tendon attachment. Prior to this Dr. Rochlin worked at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine studying signaling in metastatic cancer. Dr. Rochlin earned her BA from the University of Pennsylvania.




Jason Rosenberg is a Co-Founder of Jibon Health Technologies, a Columbia University biotech start-up focused on medical technologies for developing countries that has won several international awards and accolades. Mr. Rosenberg also worked at FINCA, one of the largest microfinance institutions, supporting the creation of an impact fund for healthcare and solar technologies in their Social Enterprise and Financial Innovation department. He received a BS from University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Zeil Rosenberg, M.D., MPH Vice President of Medical Affairs and Co-founder Filament Biosolutions



Zeil Rosenberg MD MPH is VP of Medical Affairs at Admera Health, an advanced molecular diagnostics company, where he works on precision medicine and non-invasive cancer testing. His executive experience includes leadership positions in a wide range of business and clinical settings including CEO of a publicly traded medical nutrition company, Worldwide Medical Director for Immunization at Becton Dickinson (BD), and National Medical Director at the Children’s Health Fund. Dr. Rosenberg earned his MD from UCSF, MPH from Columbia and his BA from Stanford. He is a Specialty Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and the New York Academy of Medicine. He served as AAS Science, Engineering and Diplomacy Fellow and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.

David Seres, Advisor to Filament Biosolutions



David S. Seres MD ScM PNS is Director of Medical Nutrition and Associate Professor of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Institute of Human Nutrition, where he directs the Nutrition Support Service and the medical and dental school nutrition curriculum. He has been a nutrition support practitioner for 23 years. He is former Chair of Physician Certification for the National Board of Nutrition Support Certification, and of the Medical Practice Section of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.). He was recently named to the Medical Advisory Board of Consumer Reports. He has coauthored safety guidelines, and multiple chapters and invited reviews, and appears frequently on the media advocating against dangerous consumer foods and nutritional practices.

Elliot Goodman, Advisor to Filament Biosolutions



Elliot Goodman MD is a Pioneer in new techniques in endoluminal gastric surgery. He joined the medical staff of Beth Israel Medical Center in January, 2004. Previously, he was chief of bariatric surgery at Montefiore Medical Center. He is on the surgical faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Before coming to New York, he was on the faculty of the New Jersey Medical School and was the Co-Director of the University Institute for the Surgery of Morbid Obesity. Dr. Goodman is an active member of the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons. His clinical interests include general and bariatric surgery. He has considerable research experience studying how immunosuppressive medications improve the success of organ transplants. Dr. Goodman received his undergraduate and medical school education at Cambridge University, and trained in general surgery at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He is also a USA/Israel venture partner to GCV Life - a healthcare investment bank based in Mumbai, India.

Development Pipeline

Filament Biosolutions FB-2710
FB-2710, an oral, proprietary formulation of an optimal analog of glutamine, is in development to delay the onset and decrease the severity of chemotherapy and radiation-induced Oral Mucositis.

Oral Mucositis is inflammation and damage of the oral mucosa as a result of chemotherapy and radiation. This painful and severe condition can lead to treatment dose reductions, serious infections, compromised nutrition, and higher rates of hospitalization. There is currently no FDA-approved drug to prevent or treat Oral Mucositis. Filament is initially focused on radiation-induced OM.

Filament Biosolutions FB-2710
FB-4040 is a patented combination of citrates and anti-oxalates formulated to raise urine Citrate and pH.

This functional beverage was developed by a team of leading urologists for those that need to add citrate to their diet. FB-4040 is designed to be convenient and effective way to improve kidney and renal health/function for patients through a targeted and medically relevant nutritional regimen.

In 2016, Filament licensed the intellectual property for FB-4040 from New York University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and University of California, San Francisco.

Filament Biosolutions FB-2710
FB-3100 is a patented amino acid combination with therapeutic potential as a supportive care agent.

In 2016, Filament licensed from Ajinomoto a portfolio of intellectual property covering FB-3100. Data from a pilot clinical study in gastric and colorectal cancer patients demonstrated a lower incidence and severity of several chemotherapy-related side effects.



Filament Biosolutions and Ajinomoto have entered into a broad collaboration to develop a portfolio of high quality, clinically-validated therapeutic nutrition products. Under the collaboration, Ajinomoto supplies amino acids used in a variety of Filament therapeutic products. Ajinomoto also supports Filament’s product and clinical activities through collaboration with its basic and clinical scientists, food technologists, and technical capabilities. As a component of this partnership; Ajinomoto has provided financing to Filament to accelerate the growth of the company and the development of its product portfolio.


Filament Biosolutions has entered into a strategic R&D partnership to explore the interface of clinical nutrition and the microbiome. This collaboration will develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of nutrition on the microbiome and role of the microbiome in regulating the body’s nutritional status. This research is expected to lead to the development of advanced diagnostics, therapeutics, and medical foods that will compliment both companies existing product platforms.

Filament is actively seeking innovative products and opportunities for partnering or in-licensing of therapeutic nutrition candidates that complement our existing product portfolio and infrastructure.

Please Contact to discuss partnership or licensing opportunities.


Filament Biosolutions, Inc. is looking for a Business Development Analyst to join our New York, New York office, and various and unanticipated conferences and meetings with advisors/investors nationally and internationally.

Determine upcoming clinical nutrition products by reading and analyzing scientific literature, clinical trial summaries and final clinical trial reports. Collect relevant information, including flavor distortion and taste preferences of chemotherapy and radiation patients undergoing cancer treatment for specific tumor types. Gather data on nutrition and medical food competitors and analyze prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution. Analyze clinical nutrition, functional food products, and medical food products and evaluate the active ingredients for treatment modality, molecule type, nutritional deficiency, unmet medical need, and strength of evidence of efficacy. Determine level of support for categorization as medical versus functional food for each product. Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, and needs to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand. Develop database in support of medical food product development. Devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, including surveys, opinion polls, and questionnaires, and arrange existing data. Analyze and organize medical and functional food dataset to present a clear overview the status of the industry, trends in the medical foods category, and opportunities for new products. Collect information on each product, and classify within database. Responsible for writing detailed descriptions of products and ensuring database is organized, comprehensive and thorough. Present conclusions to industry partners, consultants, advisers, and academic collaborators. Provide strategic up-to-date recommendations, with a particular emphasis on medical food products, to strengthen company's presence in clinical nutrition market. Monitor industry statistics, collaborating with marketing professionals, statisticians, pollsters and professionals. Evaluate competitive space for Filament nutrition products.


Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent plus two years of experience in the job offered, or as a Clinical Nutrition Analyst, Business Development Manager, or a related position. Must have two (2) years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry with: Analyzing and organizing complex datasets; Translating business requirements into actionable plans, and ensuring timelines and budgets are met; Creating advanced PowerPoint presentations to present complex data and products to medical professionals; and Researching consumer products with a medical and scientific focus. Must have some experience working with patients who have nutrient deficiencies; Identifying appropriate flavors and preferences for patients with aguesias and dysgeusias; Conducting research on patients food preferences, and evaluating findings to identify business opportunities; Categorizing products as medical or functional food based on nutritional and regulatory requirements; Analyzing scientific and clinical data for nutrition products to determine validity of medical claims; Collaborating with team of experts, scientists, and product development specialists to complete due diligence for the creation of a long-term strategy for the development of new medical food products; and Monitoring competitive products, sales and marketing activities, prepare and organize consumer research surveys. 25% travel is required to various and unanticipated conferences and meetings with advisors / investors nationally and internationally.

Filament Biosolutions Inc., invites interested applicants to submit their resumes to; please reference “A7LU37”.

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